Grigor Todorov


Awards and Accomplishments

Ricoh Theta x IoT Developers Contest - Second Prize

"360 stream to AR app for image-based lighting and real-time reflections" More Info

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#World 3Developer Challenge

I was one of the winners in the Freevi developer contest with my game "Zen Build".

"The #W3DC Winter Finalists created stereoscopic 3D apps and games for Flightdeck glasses-free 3D tablet."

I received a free Flightdeck tablet and ported my game for it. I also did some R&D the end product of which enabled developers to use the free version of Unity with the tablet. Originally the use of Unity 4 Pro was a requirement because of the need to use Render Textures. I circumvented this with a clever technique that even offered better performance than the conventional use of Render Textures.